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More than 95% of conservatories fitted in the past quarter-century feature a polycarbonate roof, leading numerous owners to discover that such materials render their conservatories inhospitable for significant portions of the year.

Rather than serving as a cosy retreat, these conservatories often become excessively warm during summer's peak or uncomfortably cold during winter. To address this common issue, we provide an effective solution: a conservatory roof that is both insulated and tiled.

Transforming your seldom-used conservatory into a versatile living area for all seasons is best achieved with our fully insulated tiled conservatory roof. These solid roofs are not only remarkably robust and aesthetically pleasing but, crucially, they offer unparalleled insulation, cutting heat loss by an impressive 90%!

Additionally, our range of conservatory roof conversion options provides the broadest selection of finishes available, enabling you to complement your property’s appearance and enhance its value simultaneously.

Get a quotation from our friendly professional team today! We can come out to your home to carry out a completely free survey, which means we can give you a very accurate and fair quotation price.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Service


  • Selection of lightweight tiles accompanied by a long-life warranty from the manufacturer
  • Adheres to current building standards
  • Extensive range of finishes and additional options for both interior and exterior
  • 4% lighter compared to glass roofs and 33% lighter than other solid roofing options
  • Sufficiently durable to withstand the load of window cleaning activities
  • Incorporates two insulation varieties: Celotex board and 19-layer SuperQuilt®
  • Achieves a U-Value between 0.13 and 0.15
  • Installation completed typically within just three days
  • Comes with a multi-year insurance-backed guarantee
  • Designed for full ventilation to eliminate the risk of condensation
  • Engineered for optimal energy efficiency, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs
  • Customised design options to seamlessly match your home’s aesthetic
  • Structurally tested to ensure long-term durability and safety
  • Easy maintenance with weather-resistant materials for lasting performance

The Benefits of a Conservatory Tiled Roof Installation

Envision the lifestyle enhancement that comes with installing a new insulated and tiled conservatory roof. Suddenly, your conservatory is cosy in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer, making it a versatile space you can enjoy year-round. Gone are the days of overwhelming rain noise and intrusive sun glare. Instead, your conservatory evolves into a true extension of your home, boosting your property’s value and offering an additional welcoming space whenever needed. This upgrade brings added privacy, slashes maintenance and cleaning efforts, and even cuts down on your energy bills.

This transformed space redefines your home’s lower level, opening up exciting possibilities. For children, it becomes the much-desired playroom, drawing them closer to nature and away from solitary screen time in their bedrooms. For adults, it offers a serene garden retreat, an elegant dining area, or even a unique kitchen space, enhancing your home’s functionality and enjoyment.